I’m Hunter Nicole. Owner of Soulshine Medicine

I am a Yogic Guide, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Lover(not a fighter), and Maiden. Gathering and sharing knowledge along the path toward Motherhood. I give love, compassion, and encouragement to every Being who comes to me for support.

My mission is to share the life-changing practice of Yoga with those in search of healing, discovery, transformation, and growth in every stage of life.

I teach Beings to quiet their minds, open their hearts, and treat themselves as sacred.


Group Yoga Classes

At Soulshine Medicine Studio, we stick to the Eight Limbs of Yoga!

Each group class will incorporate multiple limbs of Yoga. You do not need to be flexible to attend classes(we’ll show you how to use props to your advantage!).

1:1 Yogic Guidance*

Do your thoughts ever wander so fast that you have trouble keeping track of them all? Do you feel tight in areas that didn’t used to feel so stiff? I’ll give you tools to focus and be more present while simultaneously encouraging gentle movement in the body to keep things fluid.

Functional movement, guided meditations, affirmations, Chakra work, and other techniques to help make daily life a little easier.

*First session comes with a free 30 minute consultation.


Chakra Exploration for beginners and Cacao Ceremonies offered monthly.

Other blessings such as Soundbath Meditations, Acupuncture, and Asana focused workshops available sporadically!

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Doula Support

Doula Support can come in a variety of different forms.

I offer a package that supplies you with Prenatal, Labor/Birth, and Postpartum support.

I also offer 1:1 sessions to moms and partners so I can teach your partner how to be your Doula and advocate!

Happy Journeying Lovely Beings!

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