Shala Schedule

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. Waste of time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses.


Group Classes

Studio Closed May 20th

1st and 3rd Wednesdays of Every Month

Meditation 101 with Jack Eblen at 1800-1900

Included in Class Packages. Walk-in Rate $18

2nd Wednesday of Every Month
Cacao Ceremony with Cha’man Chocolate at 1800-2000

Things you can expect: sitting in a circle with a small group, drinking pure ceremonial Cacao, intention setting, breath-work, meditation, light body work, mindfulness exercises, drum meditations, dancing, and group sharing/reflection.

Each ceremony will vary meaning that all of these activities will not necessarily occur every time. Some ceremonies lean into a more ‘Yin’ theme meaning more focus on internal reflective work and exercises for tuning with the self while others will be more ‘Yang’ meaning more expression and movement is encouraged. We will lean in the direction we feel is needed depending on the vibration of the collective.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. For more information and registration, proceed to Chaman Chocolate’s Website!

4th Wednesday of Every Month
Song Circle with Camden and Rachel at 1800-1930

Here we will come together to express ourselves through our voices and the creative expression of sound!
This is not about sounding good or knowing “how to sing”. This is about our human nature as dancing and singing peoples. If you have a voice, you can sing. If you have a body you can move. There is an UNDENIABLE RESONANCE that our bodies experience through sound in the form of singing, drumming, rhythm of all sorts. We gather to connect with that part of ourselves.
Once a month, we will come together to share songs, sounds, and co-create an experience to enjoy, express, and tap into our unique and collective voices.
All are welcome, men and women. Bring yourself, a friend, any musical instruments, and an open heart.
Suggested Donation of $10-$20 

Click classes below for class descriptions or find them on my class descriptions page




Upcoming Workshops


Chakra Exploration and Healing Workshops

January 8 -Root Chakra Exploration *SOLD OUT*
February 5 -Sacral Chakra Exploration *SOLD OUT*
March 5 -Solar Plexus Chakra Exploration
April 2 -Heart Chakra Exploration *SOLD OUT*
May 7 -Throat Chakra Exploration *SOLD OUT*
June 11 -Third Eye Charka Exploration
July 9 -Crown Chakra Exploration
August 13 -Chakra Healing Synergy

Each Workshop is on a Sunday and will be from 2pm to 4pm.

Things you will Learn…

~How to recognize when the Chakra is over-stimulated versus under-stimulated. We will do an exercise for this so be sure to bring a journal with you.

~Mantras, Affirmations, and stones that can be used to help balance the Chakra.

~Which Yogic Asanas can be used to open, cleanse, heal, and protect the Chakra. You will be guided through these postures so I can check your alignment and you can start(or continue) to build proper muscle memory.

~Which breathing technique to use to balance the Chakra and step-by-step guidance to achieve the technique.

~I will also guide you through a Meditation for the Chakra.

You will be supplied with a REFERENCE CARD to take home with you so you can continue your healing journey throughout the month and beyond. Also included in the cost of each workshop is a candle and stone that you will take with you to use in your at-home Meditations.

The final Chakra Healing Synergy Workshop in August will consist of an hour and fifteen minute Yogic Asana class that incorporates postures to help keep all of the Chakras balanced, a guided Meditation, and a Q&A so we can touch base on all of the Chakras again.

COST of these Workshops is $50 each and must be paid before the start of the workshop.

If you are interested in attending all eight workshops, you can purchase all eight for a discounted price of $350. This can be paid in one payment or two payments(first due by Jan 8 and second due by May 7).

If you purchase all eight, I will also include a recording of the Chakra Healing Synergy Yogic Asana Class. You will have lifetime access to this class.

There are limited spaces available so please message me to reserve your spot.

Past Workshops

JANUARY 29, 2023

Yin Workshop with Sarah Ramsay


Yin is a passive form of yoga, with mostly floor poses held for 3-15 minutes. It is about settling into stillness and simply being. It works wonders for our joints, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. It is also a wonderful practice for learning how to be with yourself without distractions. We often store emotional trauma in various parts of our bodies, which manifests as physical pain or disease, and Yin works to move our vital life force through energy channels in the body.

We will discuss Yin lineage, what happens in your body in these long-held postures, and try out several poses with the help of props, to find which variation best suits YOUR body. We will end with a complete practice so you can feel the magic for yourself .

Please wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle, pen and paper if you like, and anything else you want for your practice. Mats and all other props will be available for use at the studio.

Private Lessons

I am currently accepting new clients. I have no evening availability as of right now. First lesson comes with a free 30 minute consultation! Message me with your preferred day so we can schedule a session. For more information click here.