Class Descriptions

THINGS YOU’LL WANT TO BRING TO CLASS: water bottle, yoga mat(if you have one), stretchy clothes, socks.

When you can redirect your self-criticism and look at yourself instead with curiosity and compassion, you have just moved a mountain”


Hatha Yoga- Connect to body through breathwork. Set an intention in stillness and silence. Then we will move on to warming up the body via isolation of joints before moving into postures. Postures are held for one to three minutes while we stay tuned into breath and find proper alignment(FOR YOUR BODY). For beginners and anyone who wants to learn to pay closer attention to their bodies.

Hip Mobility for Hatha– Connect to body through breathwork. Set an intention in stillness and silence. Guided self massage of the feet and legs before moving onto functional movement. Then we will hold postures to facilitate healthy hips! A great option for individuals with knee/wrist injuries. We do not put weight in the knees or hands in these classes. For beginners and anyone who wants to tune into proper muscle alignment.

Vinyasa Yoga- This style of Asana is breath-to-movement. Inhale one posture, exhale another. Downward dog and Childs Pose are the only resting postures! You must have a deep understanding of your personal anatomy and alignment in order to keep your muscles safe in this practice. Currently, I only offer this practice to Private Groups or Private 1:1 who are up to par.

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga– A collaboration of my two favorite styles of Yogic Asanas! These classes start with shaking and Surya Namaskar. Inversions will be a focus of this class. Tricks of the trade to enhance arm strength and build up the core! Including but not limited to: headstand, shoulder stand, and plough pose. For the Intermediate and Advanced students looking to deepen their practice.

Pranayama– This class is offered weekly and focuses on Nadi Shodhana. The direct translation is “purification of the channels” but is often referred to as Alternate Nostril Breathing. The benefits of this breathing technique are seen long-term when a consistent practice is maintained. It allows us to check in with our feminine and masculine sides, clears our energy channels, and therefor helps in the aid of balancing our Chakras.

Meditation 101- True Meditation is complete silence of the mind. Which is not attainable unless all Chakras are balanced. So in these classes, the focus will be on PRATYAHARA(control of the senses) and DHARNA(concentration). Through practices such as but not limited to: Guided meditation, Candlelight meditation, Walking meditation, Drumming meditation.

Senior Citizen Hatha Yoga– These classes are for individuals over the age of 65 who have trouble getting on and off the floor. We do not get up and down in these classes. All of the warm-ups and postures we do are on the ground. We use props like bolsters, blocks, and blankets to make sure every posture is comfortable. There is a water break at the 30 minute mark(although you can sip water between every posture if you’d like!). There is a focus on warming up and strengthening the joints to protect you in case of falls out in the “real world”. I also speak louder in these classes so if you’re hard of hearing, NO WORRIES (;

Prenatal Yoga– For pregnant mommas up to 36 weeks. Guided Meditation, intention setting, and connection to breath. Gentle warm up of the body through isolation of joints. Then we will hold postures to build strength and confidence needed to birth your baby. The first 45 minutes of class is Yoga focused and the last 15 minutes of class is focused on labor prep with birthing balls.

Tiny&Tot Yoga- THESE CLASSES ARE DONATION BASED. An opportunity to build community. Moms, Dads, Caregivers alike can bring in Littles to socialize and move. We spend a few moments watching the littles as they settle in and check in with each other. Next we check in with our breath and bodies through gentle movement. Talking to the littles and each other along the way. These classes are dictated by the moods of the littles and will look a little different each week.

“I did the Baby&Me Yoga class with my 7 week old son- it was perfect and exactly what I needed for myself postpartum- it was also a great bonding time for me and my son while getting some nice massage and rough tips for soothing him. I felt completely comfortable and seen and safe with Hunter. She builds in time and is flexible in the class so I could take breaks when my son was fussy or needed to nurse. I 100000% recommend this class for mamas”

Nicole McDermott Paratore

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