Soulshine Medicine Goodness


REFER 2 PEOPLE WHO BUY A PACKAGE* AND RECIEVE 20% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE* (*group class package or unlimited monthly pass)

Below is the group class schedule for December! Mark your calendars!

December Workshops


December 11th at 2pm-4pm

It is very important to grow a deeper understanding of YOUR body. Proper muscle alignment makes a huge difference and can save you from injury.
In this workshop, we will move through a variety of postures. Giving you opportunities to ask questions as I make suggestions so you can find proper alignment and build muscle memory.

Good for ALL LEVELS.
Safe for Pregnant and Postpartum Women.
Cost is $35/person
Included in the Monthly Unlimited Package ☺
MESSAGE ME TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. Limited Space Available so that everyone is assured attention.



January 8 -Root Chakra Exploration
February 5 -Sacral Chakra Exploration
March 5 -Solar Plexus Chakra Exploration
April 2 -Heart Chakra Exploration
May 7 -Throat Chakra Exploration
June 11 -Third Eye Charka Exploration
July 9 -Crown Chakra Exploration
August 13 -Chakra Healing Synergy

Each Workshop is on a Sunday and will be from 2pm to 4pm. We will cover information such as….

~How to recognize when the Chakra is over-stimulated versus under-stimulated. We will do an exercise for this so be sure to bring a journal with you.

~Mantras, Affirmations, and stones that can be used to help balance the Chakra.

~Which Yogic Asanas can be used to open, cleanse, heal, and protect the Chakra. You will be guided through these postures so I can check your alignment and you can start to build muscle memory.

~Which breathing technique to use to balance the Chakra and step-by-step guidance to achieve the technique.

~I will also guide you through a Meditation for the Chakra.

You will be supplied with a REFERENCE CARD to take home with you so you can continue your healing journey throughout the month and beyond. Also included in the cost of each workshop is a candle and stone that you will take with you to use in your at-home Meditations.

The final Chakra Healing Synergy Workshop in August will consist of an hour and fifteen minute Yogic Asana class that incorporates postures to help keep all of the Chakras balanced, a guided Meditation, and a Q&A so we can touch base on all of the Chakras again.

COST of these Workshops is $50 each. If you are interested in attending all eight workshops, you can purchase all eight for a discounted price of $350. If you purchase all eight, I will also include a recording of the Chakra Healing Synergy Yogic Asana Class. YOU WILL HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS TO THIS CLASS.

There are limited spaces available so please message me to reserve your spot.

Gift Cards are available for purchase in studio!

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